How to make your exhibition stand ideas come to life with 3D tech

You want to see your exhibition stand ideas at every stage of design process, to give feedback, calculate accurate costings and of course, see your concept come to life.

That’s why we use Form Z, a computer software programme that allows us to present exhibition stand ideas in 3D. Here’s a little more about Form Z and our design process:

Form Z is a clever 2D and 3D design software programme that is very intuitive to use, which makes using its vast array of abilities a great resource for our exhibition stand designers.

The programme contains a multitude of tools and modelling options that allow us to develop exciting concepts from your exhibition stand ideas, ranging from simple geometric designs through to complicated organic extravaganzas!

These exhibition stand designs can then be presented to you in 3D, so you really know what you’re getting.

Starting from simple, basic geometric shapes, we use 3D solid and surface modelling, as well as sculpting tools. These push, pull and manipulate geometry to represent our concepts accurately. This ability applies to regular, angular forms as well as soft, organic forms.

Textural tools can add limitless patterns and colours to objects creating glass, brick, tiles, carpet and any other material, convincingly. Textures can be shown flat or as raised ‘bump’ maps, adding to the realism.

Artwork such as logos and other images can be applied to surfaces in a similar manner.

Then, illumination tools will accurately distribute direct and reflected light in the environment, realistically representing light effects; whether the exhibition stand will be shown inside an exhibition hall, or outside at any given latitude and at any time of day – complete with all the appropriate shadows!

As an added benefit to you, model dimension and volumes can be measured and converted to give accurate working plans for costing and future construction procedures, giving you better budget control at every step of the process.

Form Z is an extremely powerful tool used by architects, urban designers, engineers, animators, illustrators, movie makers, industrial and interior designers, as well as our exhibition stand designers here at Arcade Design.

For those who remember designing on a drawing board with rulers and pens, perhaps the best function of design software programmes in general is the ease with which alterations can be made to a design.

For a busy designer like myself, this certainly saves me time, but it also saves my clients time and offers flexibility and greater creative control for my client.

Now that you’ve learnt a little about what we do, read testimonials from exhibitors who have achieved their goals with our exhibition stand design ideas and learn what makes a stand successful in our exhibition stand case studies.

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